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Liz B.

STOTT Pilates Instructor

Fuelled by my personal passion for wellness and exercise, a background in adult education, an interest in anatomy, and a desire to help people in a meaningful way, I completed full STOTT Pilates certification, with a focus on injuries and special populations. Years later, I continue to be amazed at how simply and effectively this unique form of exercise improves the way our bodies move, feel, and function.

I am the founder and operator of Corelation Pilates (a boutique Pilates studio located in the lower level of the clinic), offering personalized therapeutic Pilates training. I am delighted to work with clients in this peaceful setting, sharing in their progress and success with Pilates. I’m equally thrilled to be working alongside such a talented and diverse group of healers, united in their commitment to wellness.


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Liz B.

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