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Physiotherapy (PT)

Physiotherapy is the assessment and treatment of acute and chronic conditions to help improve function, mobility, and pain. Physiotherapy is a research-based, client-centered approach to help:

  • manage acute and chronic conditions
  • promote mobility, physical activity, and health and wellness
  • help with rehabilitation of injuries 

Some of the interventions used in physiotherapy may include: 

  • joint mobilizations
  • stretching
  • therapeutic exercises
  • soft tissue release
  • therapeutic modalities (such as shockwave or neuro-muscular electrical stimulation). 

The goal of treatment is to help educate patients on their condition and provide a plan to help improve or maintain their level of function in activities of daily living, hobbies, or sports. Physiotherapy can also help optimize movement, prevent re-occurrence of injuries, or help with the overall strength and mobility of the human body.

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