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Call us today: (905) 332-7758

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D.D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, is quoted as saying, "Health needs no help only no interference". With this understanding, Chiropractors know that as our health deteriorates we should remove that interference and allow the body's healing ability to act.

Chiropractors do not treat disease nor do they treat symptoms. Chiropractors remove interference and provide the proper conditions for health and wellness. So what do Chiropractors advocate as the proper conditions for health? We provide advice on nutrition and encourage patients to avoid chemical toxins so that cells of the body can function optimally. Visiting a Chiropractor is the first step towards good posture and an integral part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

New Patient Special at Headon Chiropractic

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"I make regular visits to Dr. Derek as part of my wellness plan..."

"Initially faced with the prospects of back surgey, I came to Headon Chiropractic. Within a very short period of time my lower back pain was relieved. That was two and half years ago. Now I make regular visits to Dr. Derek as part of my personal wellness plan." - Rose
"With a monthly tune-up, my back is fine and virtually pain-free!"

"I had chronic migraines and lower back (pain) at 17 years of age. At 21, I started chiropractic and in a few years my migraines digressed and have now gone for the last 15 years. With a monthly tune-up, my back is fine and virtually pain-free! I swear by chiropractic treatment." - Ian

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New Chiropractic Patient Special

This includes EVERYTHING: Chiropractic consultation,
full examination and your first treatment! $45